Hi, I'm Lutz Schmitt

I'm a graduated Designer and professional dilettante. I work self-employed. I can fill in roles as Strategy Consultant, Experience Designer, and Information Architect - all of this in leading positions, too. I also offer coaching, workshops and talks on various topics from systemic design, to creating empathy, to design for privacy.

With close to twenty years of experience and working four years as a UX team lead in my last job, I know how to create longterm value for my clients and help with change.

Curriculum Vitae

Designing is a way of thinking and not a craftmanship. Nonetheless, during the years I got involved into the crafts of Interaction Design, Game Design, Cooking, Information Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Finance Management, Art Direction, Event Direction, User Research and some more. Some I mastered, at some I stayed a humble apprentice. Some jobs paid my rent, some earned me experience.

2017 till now: Self-employed Designer & Consultant
2014 - 2017: Head of Consulting Unit Interaction, nexum AG
2008 - 2014: (Senior) Consultant UX, nexum AG
2000 - 2008: Self-Employed Designer
1999 - 2000: Trainee Web Design, 01 Digitales Design GmbH

Public Speaking & Teaching

I'm a regular speaker at industry and community events on various topics. The list of events include:

Event Organisation

While it is a shitload of work, organising events is very rewarding.
In 2015 I had the opportunity to co-chair the EuroIA Summit in Madrid together with Stuart Curran and Peter Bogaards.

For a while I directed and produced the Cologne edition of the Design for Conferences: