Magic Moments Workshop

Magic Moments Workshop

An Introduction to Creativity and Ideation

One of the best things about working as a designer is the creation of new solutions, shaping innovative products with great experiences. But where do these great ideas come from? What happens in this magic moment, when an idea sparks – and how can you trigger this? This workshop teaches methods how you can reliably come up with new ideas und find the one idea that really stands out. The workshop addresses all designers and UX roles alike. Creativity is a universal ability for everyone!

In the first part of the workshop, we’ll focus on inspiration and idea generation. You’ll be introduced to several methods and techniques to stimulate your creativity and come up with great ideas, e.g. the 635-method for teams. In a hands-on session, you’ll get the opportunity to try a combination of methods for yourself.

But not all ideas are good, and designers need to identify quickly which ideas are worth exploring further. This will be focus for the second part of the workshop. You’ll learn about methods and principles for evaluating your ideas and finding the valuable ones, e.g. with the how-wow-now-method. As with the first part, a hands-on session will help you adopting the methods for your daily work.

But why stop at yourself with ideation methods? We’ll close the workshop with an introduction and debate about co-creation exercises with your users or with user insights as input - as there is a lot of good reason to do so.

Basic Information

This is a half-day (4 hours) workshop. On request a full-day variant can be created. It suits audiences between 6 to 48 people (<30 recommended).

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