Being an Evil Mastermind

Being an Evil Mastermind

Being an Evil Mastermind - Part 1 & 2 - guides for designers or information architects to exploit the corporate system

The first part of Being an Evil Mastermind was presented at EuroIA Summit 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Back then it was a reckoning of my experience work as Information Architect or UX Consultant in various enterprise projects. I had taken a rocky learning path till then, to finally understand that internal politics always win the argument.

Part 2 was humbly offered at EuroIA 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. Between the first and the second part, I started to lead a team and usually took senior or managing positions in projects. I had become part of the corporate culture, not without a full set of weaponry, that I shared with the audience.

So, if you experience the same pain and want to change something about it: Don't hesitate to contact me. I know how to deal with hostile work environments.

Part 2 - for designers and IAs in managing positions

Part 1 - for designers and IAs in operative positions


These are satirical presentations. Don't apply those advices! Or at least, don't hold me responsible when you're suddenly appointed to be CEO.

photo by Lutz Schmitt under a cc-by-sa 2.0 licence. Original photo by Ryan Poplin on licensed under a cc-by-sa 2.0 license.