Hi, I'm Lutz Schmitt

I'm a graduated Designer and a professional Dilettante. Currently I'm working at nexum AG as Head of Consulting Unit Interaction. In my day job a I lead a team of Information Architects and UX Consultants and we help our clients to succeed in their digital endeavours.
Beside that I'm writing and talking about various design topics. You can find a lot of it here.

Curriculum Vitae

Designing is a way of thinking and not a craftmanship. Nonetheless, during the years I got involved into the crafts of Interaction Design, Game Design, Cooking, Information Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Finance Management (by times a true design job), Art Direction, Event Organisator, User Research and some more. Some I mastered, at some I stayed a humble apprentice. Some jobs paid my rent, some earned me experience.

Public Speaking & Teaching

I'm a regular speaker at industry and community events on various topics. The list of events include:

and some more meetups and barcamps.