UX Survival Workshop

UX Survival Workshop

A communication workshop to learn how to survive in UX-hostile or -immature environments and begin influencing them in a positive way

This workshop is addressed to people that work in an immature environment and are unhappy: Working in organisations where User Experience as a guiding idea or user-centred methods are ignored or misunderstood can be very frustrating. You might see a usability test here and there, but you know that it could be so much better!
This workshop teaches you how to improve your communication and slowly introduce UX methods and mindsets to your organisation, becoming a change agent on your own behalf. It's a collection of proven methods and tools from 10+ years of consulting and coaching, which you won't necessarly find in any book - it's the realistic stuff, not the idealistic stuff. During this workshop you will go through four modules:

  • Analyzing und understanding your situation and environment
  • Understanding and defining UX as foundation of your efforts and communication
  • Improving your communication and campaigning for UX
  • Bonus: How to do UX work without any budget or time given?

This workshop is for you, if you know your UX methods, but you’re in vain because you can't apply them, as your organisation is not yet ready. This is aimed for people with specialist or senior knowledge and team leaders, that struggle with organisational structures and the resulting problems.

Basic Information

This is a half-day (4 hours) or full-day (8 hours) workshop. It suits audiences between 10 to 50 people (<30 recommended).

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